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Tamara Braun as Carly Corinthos


I have 2 Tamara Braun as Carly tapes. This is Tamara's Debut!!! These tapes are in very good condition.

Carly #1
Sarah Brown exits as a bomb was delivered to the penthouse disguised as a present and was almost opened.  Sonny sends Carly and Michael to the Island. When Carly returns... It's Tamara Braun. Carly asks Sonny to go away with her and Michael but Sonny says he will never be able to escape danger from being in the business. Carly goes to Roy and asks him to help her set up a deal with the FBI to have Sonny arrested and then offered a deal... lifetime protection in exchange for information. Roy refuses at first but agrees. Sonny is arrested but doesn't take the deal and is released. Sonny figures out it was Carly who snitched him off and after making love to her one last time, kicks her and Michael out. Carly tries to get Sonny back but he won't give her the time of day. Carly disappears with Michael for weeks and then returns without him. Sonny is stabbed by Sorrell at Lily's gravesite and a strange woman named "Angel" takes him to her home. Angel helps Sonny recooperate. Sonny "disappears" while he stays at Angel's (who is really Sorrell's daughter) and is feared dead. AJ harrasses Carly about visitation to Michael.

Carly #2
Carly continues to worry about Sonny. Sonny cuts Carly off and when his driver refuses to take her somewhere Carly tries to drive and backs into Angel. Mike and Carly go to Angel's to talk about the accident and Mike sees Sonny's ring on the fence and knows he's there, Mike later returns without Carly and asks to speak to his son. Sonny reveals himself to Mike and Mike tells him to go home. Angel tries to convince Sonny to go to Greece with her but he senses something is up and goes home insead. Sonny has a newspaper sent to AJ that announces  he is dead and last wishes are the Carly and Sonny raise Michael,  as a joke and threat at the same time. ( I have not watched this whole tape yet and will add more when I do)