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Sonny & Brenda Edits

I have 8 Brenda and Sonny tapes. I have not yet typed out full descriptions of these tapes. But there are short versions which are below. If you need more information email me and I will try to help as best as possible. (Yes I have watched all 3 edits... so I know what happened on each tape.) These are not my tapes... I bought them from someone else and the quality is a little less than my edits.  

Sonny & Brenda #1:
Sonny and Brenda meet for the first time. Brenda tries to avoid Sonny. This tape includes the infamous "Bubble Bath Fantasy", Sonny getting shot and Brenda taking of him and donating her own blood to help, the creation of L&B and Sonny signing on as a partner and singing Miguel (Ricky Martin) as a client and Brenda and Sonny becoming a couple and making love for the first time.

Sonny & Brenda #2:
Sonny and Brenda continue to get closer. Sonny gets Jealous over Miguel and Brenda's friendship so he goes to Puerto Rico to free Miguel of his prior contract and locate Miguel's lost love Lily. Sonny meets Lily and lets her know she can now see Miguel freely and tells her where she can find him. Brenda and Lois and Sonny plan a concert in Puerto Rico for Miguel. Lily finds Miguel and they re-unite. Luke goes to Puerto Rico and ends up shooting Frank Smith and killing him. Brenda eavesdrops on a conversation between Lily's father and Sonny and is taken hostage.

Sonny & Brenda #3:
Sonny manages to rescue Brenda and Luke is missing after helping them escape and falling overboard into the ocean. Sonny begins taking over Frank's territory and the retaliations start. Brenda starts to suspect something but Sonny convinces her he is legit but Lois and Ned aren't so easily convinced.  Sonny and Brenda go home and Sonny has to tell Laura Luke is missing. Brenda moves into Sonny's apartment. Luke comes home and Sonny and Luke plan the opening of their Blues Club. A rival retaliates and sets fire to the club opening night. Brenda is convinced more than ever that something is going on with Sonny. Sonny lies to Brenda and tells her Scully just wants a piece of the poker action in the club.

Sonny & Brenda #4
Sonny and Luke's Blue's Club opens without any hassles and BB King performs. Luke is wanting to bring Laura and Lulu home and wants confirmation from Sonny that the club will not be effected by his other business. (They have been out of town to be safe) Joe Scully comes to Port Charles for Sonny's club opening and wants a piece of all of Sonny's activities, which means a hand in running Frank Smith's organization together but Sonny says no. Scully sees this as a rejection and plans to take over anyway. Sonny opens up to Brenda about why he hates Mike so much. After Mike left Adela become involved with a cop named Deke who become Sonny's step father. Deke used to beat Adela and Sonny and Sonny can't forgive Mike for making that possible.  Luke learns that it was Scully who killed Sonny's stepfather and that is why Sonny is hesitant to turn Scully away, out of loyalty. Brenda expresses her anger towards Mike and Mike tries to apologize to Sonny for leaving but Sonny won't hear it. This tape includes Brenda dressing up lingerie and wrapping herself with red wrapping paper. She gives Sonny a gold watch and says it's so he can count the minutes they are apart, but Sonny says he is going to count the minutes they're together.

Sonny & Brenda #5
Luke and Mike hijack a shipment of Scully's that he disguised by using one of Lucy Coe's shipments. When Scully learns of his drugs are missing he kidnaps Lucy in order to get them back. Sonny, Mike and Luke find where Scully is hiding Lucy and rescue her. Scully tries to shoot Sonny but Mike jumps in the way and Sonny shoots Joe in self defense. Mike is take to the hospital in critical condition and has to have emergency. Rivals attack against Sonny and shoot up Luke and Laura's house, the club, and Sonny's apartment simultaneously. Brenda is deeply affected by the hit at Sonny's and wants to know that's going on. Sonny explains it away by telling Brenda about Mike and Luke's hijack of the drugs. Stone is shot and upset when his blood gets on Robin's hands. Later she learns that Stone has AIDS. Stone tells Sonny he has AIDS and Sonny goes to see Kevin Collins for support. Brenda is able to tell something is wrong with Sonny but take it as he doesn't trust her. Sonny promises to tell Brenda after Ned and Lois' wedding. Ned and Lois get married. Brenda starts becoming more and more suspicious of Lily because she sees her with Sonny more and more. Back in Port Charles, Sonny tells Brenda Stone has AIDS. Brenda worries about Robin getting the disease. From Sonny's bedroom Brenda hears Sonny and Harry having a serious conversation and when she asks Sonny about it, he says Harry was asking him for advice about illegal gambling. Brenda tells Lois about the conversation who in turn tells Ned. Ned goes to Mac Scorpio for help and they plant a bug in Harry's office with Felicia's help.

Sonny and Brenda #6
Brenda becomes more and more suspicious of Sonny because he won't open up to her. Mac is able to get Sonny and Harry on tape talking about Lily's father and how it is being said that he is in the hospital with pnemonia but really he was shot by someone trying to take over his territroy. Sonny tells Harry to make it known that they are taking the hit on Rivera personally. Brenda is shocked when Ned plays the tape for her and Mac asks her to wear a wire. Brenda refuses at first, but then agrees so that she will have control of what evidence is turned over to the police, if any. Brenda wants more time so she can try to confront Sonny first. Brenda tries asks Sonny questions, trying to get him to open up and admit that he is involved in organized crime, but he covers with a story about Lily's father just being sick. Brenda wears a wire on Sonny after hearing a tape of Sonny with Harry, talking about his involvment in the mob, Brenda only agrees to wear the wire so she has some control over what is, OR ISN'T, turned over to the police as evidence. Lily overhears a conversation between Ned, Mac, Lois and Brenda about Brenda wearing the wire and goes to warn Sonny. Sonny doesn't believe Lily when she tells him about Brenda wearing the wire. Sonny sets Brenda up, finding the wire on her and kicks her out.

Sonny & Brenda #7
Brenda learns that Lily and Sonny went to Puerto Rico together and assumes they are sleeping together. Miguel and Brenda become lovers and try to concentrate on Miguel's video and themselves but keep seeing Lily and Sonny together everywhere. Sonny refuses to give up his ownership of L&B Records and Lois and Brenda try to think of a way to trick him out of the partnership. Stone's condition gets worse and he ends up in the hospital.