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Sonny & Emily #1


Sonny & Emily are quickly becoming the most loved and hated couple on GH. Some of you love their chemistry, some of you hate them. But I decided to make an edit of them because down the road someone might want to see how it began. The first Edit is going to contain a mix of storylines. Tape #1 shows the beginning of Carly's breakdown. I did not show all of the scenes of the breakdown, but enough so that you would know what was going on. It also contains Emily starting to suspect Nikolas cheating on her which results in Emily moving into Sonny's guest house to get away from her husband, and also take care of Michael and Morgan during Carly's breakdown and after she has been committed to Roselawn. This Edit also contains parts of the Glen Co. Tunnel Wreck. Not all of Emily and Sonny's scenes are here, but enough that you will know what's going on.

Sonny & Emily #1
August 16th, 2005 to present
Carly finds out Reese is really her old friend who was presumed to be dead and tries to break up Reese and Sonny. At Kelly's Reese and Carly engage in a fist fight and Sonny is called. Sonny and Mike are more concerned about Reese's condition and Carly feels betrayed. Lorenzo shows up at Kelly's and Carly thinks he is there for her but he rejects her as well. Elizabeth tells Monica she saw Nikolas and Courtney kissing on the docks and Monica tells Emily. Emily comforts Liz, who tells her indeed she saw Nikolas and Courtney together. Emily vows to find out what is going on and goes to the Bahamas to look for Nikolas. Courtney and Nikolas end up in the same motel together and after swimming, have dinner together in their robes. Carly has another confrontation with Reese on the docks and Reese tells her it is her own fault she has lost everyone that loved her, Sonny, Michael & Morgan and Lorenzo. Carly looks hurt by Reese's words as Reese walks away. Emily finds Nikolas coming out of Courtney's room and believes they are having an affair and asks for a divorce. Emily goes back to Port Charles and tells Sonny about Courtney and Nikolas. Sonny apologizes to Emily for what Courtney has done and says he will take care of the problem. Nikolas comes back from he Bahamas and swears he and Courtney aren't sleeping together but Emily doesn't believe him. Emily moves into Sonny's guest house to try and distance herself from Nikolas. Carly starts to have a nervous breakdown, accusing Alexis of wanting Sonny back and breaking into Reese's penthouse and tearing up all herself. Carly finds a gun and hold Sonny at gunpoint. After realizing Carly is worse than he thought, Sonny asks Emily to let the boys stay with her at the guest house to avoid them seeing Carly they way she is. Emily agrees and Sonny tries to explain to Michael what's going on with his mother. Carly starts to think she is Faith is alive and sees Emily as Faith. Carly tries to attack Emily with a bat, and then later at the park she stabs her with a garden sickle and Sonny is forced to have her committed to Roselawn. Both Monica and Alan try to convince Emily to leave Sonny's and even offer to take Michael and Morgan in but Emily stands firm that she is going to stay put. Emily learns Courtney is pregnant. Sonny is shot during the shootout at Metro Court and Emily stays by his side. Monica tries to get Jason to talk to Emily about her current living situations. Sonny asks Emily to check on Carly and she comes back with news that Carly has not improved and in fact her condition has worsened and she has gone further inside herself. Emily sleeps in a chair by Sonny's bed all night.  RoseLawn calls Sonny and asks permission to drug Carly because she is getting worse. Sonny refuses. Sonny boards the same train that is carrying Lucky and Liz to their honeymoon. Also on the train are Sam, Robin, Ric, Alexis, Reese, Courtney, Jax, Emily, Nikolas and Carly. Yes...Carly. She leaves Roselawn to get away from Manny Ruiz who is responsible for the train wrecking. The victim's of the train crash try to find a way out while others wait for rescue workers. Alexis goes into labor and it doesn't look god. Emily and Robin deliver Alexis's baby. Sonny & Jason learn Carly was on the train and try to find her. Jason stays behind to defuse the bombs Manny has set and is trapped when one goes off. After being rescued, Emily faints at the triage site and is taken to the hospital for dehydration.