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Laura Wright #2

Carly Edit #2
December 23rd 2005 - Present 2006
Emily goes to Roselawn and pleads with Dr.Kim to release Carly for Christmas, assuring him that the way she is acting is her normal habits. Carly is released in time to attend the hospital Christmas Party, where Michael had asked Santa (Noah Drake) to bring his mom home because Morgan really wanted her there. Carly, Michael and Morgan go home to her new house and celebrate Christmas together and then the boys to go to Sonny's. Carly goes to Sonny's to pick up Michael and Morgan and finds Emily there. Carly admits to Sonny she is worried about Emily taking her place as Michael and Morgan's mother. Sonny assures her that will never happen. Carly invites Emily to Michael's birthday party at Metro Court. Carly and Robin end up in a confrontation and Carly brings up the fact that Robin is HIV positive and uses it against her as Patrick Drake listens. Robin slaps Carly and Patrick breaks up the fight before it gets any worse. Carly sneaks into Sonny's house through Michael's window because she called Michael and he told her that Emily and Sonny were in the hall in towels. Carly tells Michael she just wanted to check on him and Morgan and hides in the hall as Sonny and Carly say goodnight to one another. Michael's party is a success. Carly plans a New Year's Eve party at Metro Court and celebrates the Ne Year with some of Port Charles' residents, including Jax, Luke, Skye and Courtney. Jason and Sam arrive and only stay a short while. Carly tricked Jason in to inviting Sonny but he doesn't show but Alcazar did and she thanks him. Jax compliments Carly on what she has done with the motel since becoming half owner. Carly continues to object to Sonny and Emily getting closer and interrupts a romantic evening between Jason and Sam to ask him to intervene. Jason refuses and asks Carly what happened to her declaration of Independence and says if she wants Sonny back to just admit it. Carly realizes he is right and thanks him. Michael sneaks out of his bedroom window and ends up falling into the frozen pond but Emily is there to save him. Carly and Sonny show up and Emily says he is fine and should just be taken home. Emily doesn't want to go back to the Quartermaines soaking wet so she goes to Sonny's. Sonny thanks Emily for saving Michael and they end up in a passionate kiss. Carly panics when Michael has a bad dream and calls Patrick to come check him out. Patrick wants to know why she didn't call Michael's pediatrician and Carly explains about Roselawn and says that she doesn't want anyone to misinterpret and think she is a bad mother.  Robin shows up and Carly and Patrick lead her to believe they slept together. Courtney finds out Jax switched the paternity results and so Luke's leverage over him is over so he tells Carly he is taking back her half of the motel. Luke wants his finder's fee. Carly warns that she will get something over Jax herself and says that Luke doesn't deserve a finder's fee unless he can figure something out. Carly encourages Courtney to go back to Jax and Courtney sees through her saying that the only reason she wants them reunited is so Nikolas will go back to Emily which will keep her away from Sonny. Carly says that is not true. Carly offers Jax a compromise, she will nudge Courtney his way if he allows her to keep her half of the motel.