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Robin Scorpio #2



December 27th 2005 - Present 2006
This edit contains all scenes between Robin and Patrick and features them starting to grow closer once he learns Robin is HIV postive. This tape takes us into the new year.  

Robin and Patrick end up having dinner together at Metro Court. Patrick probes into Robin's life and learns that the first boy she loved died and there was nothing she could do to stop it and that's why she chose medical research. Robin tries to shed some light on her and Jason's past relationship. Patrick learns Robin is HIV Positive when he o=overhears an argument between Carly and Robin. Robin slaps Carly and Patrick stops the two women from fighting. Robin apologizes and leaves. Carly warns Patrick not to invest time in Robin or fall for her poor pity routine and when Patrick asks why, because she is HIV Positive and Carly says because she is a bitch. Pa tick tells Carly in his experience it takes one to know one. Patrick goes to the hospital and is nice to Robin but she can tells something is different and figures out that he knows she is HIV positive and tells him she doesn't need her pity. Patrick admits he was trying to be nice to her but warns whether she is HIV positive or not, if she acts like a jerk she will be treated accordingly.