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Patrick Drake


Patrick Drake #1
December 7th 2005 to the present
Desperate to find someone to operate on Jason when her medicine doesn't work, Robin goes to look for a surgeon Tony Jones recommended, Noah Drake. Robin finds him in a bar and manages to convince Noah to return to Port Charles to perform the surgery. Sam catches Noah spiking his drink and says there is no way she will allow him to operate on Jason. Robin says if he doesn't Jason will die. Noah says there is one other person that has the skills he had once, his son Patrick. Robin finds Patrick in having sex with a nurse in an operating room and tells him she needs a miracle and he is it. Patrick looks at Jason's file and says he should have been called a long time ago. When Patrick learns Noah was the w=one who referred him, he refuses to do the surgery saying he is tired of cleaning up his father's messes and it is obvious there is distance between the two. Carly and Sam bait Patrick agreeing to do the surgery and other than Manny breaking into the OR and taking Carly hostage, the surgery is a success. Patrick picks at Robin's obvious feelings for Jason and uses them against her to get under her skin. Sam warns him if he's looking for trouble he's going to get it. Patrick says he is just trying to get Robin to let up a little. Manny collapses at the police station and is take to General Hospital where Patrick discovers he has a aneurysm pressing right on the part of his brain that controls anger and aggression. Patrick operates on Manny and pulls off another successful surgery. Both Patrick and Robin swear that Manny is no longer a threat with the aneurysm removed. Noah plays Santa at the annual Christmas Party and Patrick is not happy when Noah shows up drunk. Noah pulls "Santa" away from the children and advises him to leave before he scars the children for life. At the end of the night, Pa tick explains to Noah how after a certain point in his childhood when he hated his father being gone all the time because of work, his view changed and he looked up to him after his mother said he should be proud of his father. Patrick and Robin end up at Metro Court together and Patrick says he sees no reason why they shouldn't have dinner together. Robin refuses to switch table and so Patrick joins her at her table. Patrick is able tog et Robin open up a little about her past with Jason and why she chose medical research instead of becoming a surgeon. Patrick learns of Robin being HIV Positive after overhearing an argument between Robin and Carly. At the hospital Patrick treats Robin nicer and Robin says it is like he is feeling sorry for her and realizes he knows about her HIV status. Robin still treats Patrick coldly and Patrick warns that whether she is or isn't HIV positive, if she acts like a jerk, she will be treated accordingly. Bobbie calls Patrick to Metro Court because Noah has been drinking and Noah and Patrick share a touching moment reminiscing about Patrick's mother and how she died on the operating table with Noah as the surgeon. Patrick gives Noah a referral to a rehab clinic and and tells Noah if he goes, they may have a chance at a father and son relationship but if he chooses not to, to leave and not come back. Patrick and Robin both give their depositions on Manny Ruiz. Patrick still tries to get Robin to go out with him but she refuses. After Michael falls into an ice frozen pond Carly calls Patrick and asks him to do a house call. Patrick shows up at Carly's believing the medical emergency was an excuse to see him. Carly explains about Michael and convinces Patrick to take a look at Michael. Patrick says Michael is fine and warns him to stay off thin ice, you never can tell when it's going to break. Leaving a hidden meaning as well. Robin shows up at Carly's claiming she wants to resolve their issues and peacefully co-exist. Carly pulls one on Robin and leads her to believe she and Patrick are sleeping together. Emily vows to get over Sonny and says the next man to step off the elevator she is going to ask on a date, which happens to be Patrick. Patrick turns her down at first, saying he doesn't do rebound relationships. Later he approaches her and asks her out. At Jake's Emily and Patrick get into a bar scuffle. Back at the hospital Robin gets even more jealous as Patrick lays the charm on Emily.