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News, Updates & More....


BUT... Before you get to the edits I have availible (on DVD or VHS), I want to inform you of the latest news, updates, AND any additions to my collection. I will post which edits are just finished and which edits I have coming or have obtained through someone else here.  To get to the Tape Page, click the link at the bottom of the page.

Patrick Drake Edits. Just click on his name to see the description of his edit.
SoapNet Interviews with GH Stars. Go to the Specials & Anniversaries Page to find out more.
Just added!!!
Sonny and Emily Edit #1 is now completed and ready to send.  Click on their link to find the description.
2005 Weddings is now completed. You will find the description on the Specials and Anniversaries Page.
Soon to Come!!!
Rick Springfield's "Noah Drake" Edits...I am just catching up on Sonny & Emily edits first then I will start Noah Drake.

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