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Laura Wright as "Carly"


Yep. It's happened again... for the 4th time. We have a new Carly. Laura Wright. So I have decided to do her Edits as well.

LW as Carly #1
October 31st 2005- December 22 2005
This tape features Laura Wright's Debut on General Hospital, but the tape begins before her actual appearence. I have started this tape to begin where Manny Ruiz escapes on his way back to Hawaii and goes to the Rose Lawn Sanitarium, and plans to use Carly against Sonny.

Dr.Kim calls Sonny and asks permission to drug Carly because she has become agitated and paranoid and has stopped talking. Sonny refuses saying he promised Carly she would not be drugged and warns that if they try to give Carly something, he will pull her out of there. Dr.Kim calls Alcazar and asks for his permission to give Carly the medication. Alcazar goes to Sonny telling him he is going to allow Carly to be given medication. Sonny warns he'll kill him if he allows them to drug her. Manny goes to Rose Lawn and gets a cover job as the Gardner to get to Carly. Jason is called saying one of Sonny's men saw Manny at Rose Lawn and Jason goes to check it out. Jason tries to talk to Carly but she pulls away. After Jason has left, Manny breaks into Carly's bedroom and tells her his plan of using her to get to Sonny. Carly manages to get away from Manny and board the Port Charles bound train, un-noticed. Jason has another seizure back at Sonny's and Sam tells Michael to tell Sonny not to operate on him because she and Robin are on a train headed to Port Charles. Carly manages to escape from Manny and sneak onto the train, but Manny boards as well. Robin and Sam swap stories about Jason and Sam sees Manny and tries to warn the conductor but he won't listen. Manny shoots the conductor and runs the Port Charles bound train into an oncoming train headed for Manhattan. Jax, Courtney, Nikolas, Liz, Lucky, Alexis, Ric, Reese and Sonny are all on the Manhattan bound train. The two trains collide and the passengers are trapped down deep in the tunnel. Robin is pinned underneath a seat and Sam tries to get her out but can't. At the hospital Jason is called and told about the train wreck and rushes to the site to save Sam and Robin. As Jason is climbing down a ventilation shaft with Luke's help, the tunnels collapse again, trapping Jason inside. Manny hunts for Carly who is able to hide from him for the moment. Robin tells Jason and Sam to forget about her and just get her briefcase with the meds and research for Jason's condition are in but Jason manages to free Robin. When he goes back in for the briefcase there is an explosion and Jason is knocked unconscious. Sam and Robin are not hurt in the explosion but Sam is worried about Jason until he comes to. Carly attacks Manny with a pipe and warns she will kill him before she lets him hurt the people she loves. Manny mocks her and says he is going to have each of Sonny's women before he kills them, then Sonny then Jason. Carly manages to knock Manny out with a rock and flees. Carly goes to hide in one of the abandoned wrecked cars and Sonny and Reese arrive. Carly remembers back when she arrived at Roselawn and she and Sonny said their goodbyes. Carly makes a noise and Sonny and Reese realize someone else is on the train. Reese pulls a gun and demands for them to come out but Sonny stops her. Carly throws something to distract them and runs. Carly and Manny exchange gunfire and Manny is hit with a bullet. Carly tries to find her way out of the tunnel and avoids Sonny, and Jason and Sam. Jesse pulls Carly out of the tunnel and Lorenzo is there as she walks out. Lorenzo asks why she ran from Roselawn and she tells him out Manny arrived at Roselawn and said he was going to use her against Sonny and so she went to warn him but she realized Manny was following her and got on the train instead. Mac comes along and wants to talk to Carly but Skye distracts him so Lorenzo can get her out of there and he takes her back to Roselawn. When Carly realizes they are going back to Roselawn she tries to steer the car off the road. At Roselawn Carly tells Lorenzo she is afraid of having another breakdown and Lorenzo tries to reassure he she is OK. Lorenzo takes Michael and Morgan to see Carly and she is thrilled. After the visit Carly lets Lorenzo know she still loves Sonny and is going to get back together with him. Dr. Winters and Lorenzo agree that Carly has an unhealthy obsession with Sonny and she will not get better until she realizes Sonny is no good for her. Carly learns Jason is trapped in the mountain and believed to be dead and returns to the tunnel. Carly talks to a caved in wall, telling Jason he never gave up on Michael so she isn't going to give up on him. There is a small cave in and Jason walks out and Carly moves to him but they fall into a sink hole. Carly asks Jason why he went back into the tunnel and Jason realizes she wasn't in the tunnel all along. Carly realizes he went back in for her and their friendship is renewed. Jason manages to get them out of the tunnel and takes Carly back to Roselawn then goes to find Sam. Lainy asks Carly what she is up to and tells her about the gardener's truck was stolen and found at the crash site. Carly admits to sneaking out to go look for Jason. Lainy tries to make Carly understand she can not keep sneaking out the window. Durant goes to see Carly and with a hug she steals his cell phone and says she is not up to a visit. Carly turns back to her old ways and has a make over team come to fix her up and heads to Sonny's with her plan. Sonny arrives home and finds Carly with the boys and is shocked to see her there. Carly asks for a kiss and Sonny reluctantly kisses her and asks what she is doing there and she says she was released. Once Michael and Morgan are out of the room Sonny lets Carly know he knows she was never released. Carly says it's just a matter of paperwork but Sonny knows she is lieing. Sonny tells Carly they can not be together ever again and Carly realizes she isn't ready to go home and returns to Roselawn. Durant visits Carly and lets it slip that it seems Emily and Sonny are very close because she is living at Greystone. Carly tries to brush it off as Emily taking care of her kids but starts to think there is more going on. Emily takes the boys to Roselawn for Thanksgiving and when Emily returns for Morgan's hat, Carly says they need to have a chat and says that Sonny is an easy man to fall in love with. Emily says she doesn't know and Carly starts to badger her about Sonny. Emily assures Carly there is nothing going on and tells her to get better so she can get back to her boys and Emily can go with her life. Carly learns Jason is in the hospital and thinks up a plan to get admitted to the hospital. Carly fakes like she is sick and is taken to General Hospital. Courtney sees her there and Carly admits she faked being sick so she could see Jason. Courtney tells Carly what room Jason is in and Carly heads to talk to Jason.  Carly overhears Jason and Sonny talking and hears Sonny saying how empty she is and when he looks her there is no more love and all he sees is sadness. Carly, upset for what she heard goes to the roof where Courtney finds her. Courtney tells Sonny about Carly and he hurries to the roof and begs her not to do it. Carly says she wasn't going to jump but says she had a mirror held up to her and didn't like what she has become. Sonny realizes she heard him and Jason talking. Carly says she is going to get better and live her life for her, not the pathetic thing she had become from loving him. Carly returns to Roselawn with a new look on recovery and tells Lainy about it but Lainy is skeptical. Carly says the only catch is that she wants to be better by Christmas. Luke, disguised as a psychiatrist from Switzerland, goes to see Carly and asks Carly to demand Alcazar's 30% shares in ELQ, for his plot against Tracy. Carly agrees to ask for the shares, but once she gets them, turns the tables on Luke and says she is keeping the shares for herself. Carly sets a plan into motion to get Metro Court from Jax and calls and ELQ board meeting at Roselawn and tells them she wants one of their subsidiaries. Carly then calls Jax to Roselawn and asks him to sell her Metro Court but Jax refuses and tells her she was the cause of Liz losing their baby, which Carly didn't know. Jax leaves and Luke tells Carly he is playing hard. Carly and Luke team up to get Metro Court for Carly, and a divorce for Luke.  Jaosn is taken to the hospital for brain surgery and Carly schemes her way out of Roselawn to go to the hospital to see Jason. Jason asks Carly to go to Jake's and shoot a game of pool in honor of their friendship. Lainey objects to Carly not returning to Roselawn but Justus interveines. Carly goes to Jake's and remembers back to when she and Jason first met. Just as the hospital loses power, Manny breaks into Jason's operating room and takes Carly hostage. Sonny and Carly get Manny out of the OR and Sonny shoots Manny in the gut just as the police arrive. Jason survives surgery. Carly starts to believe Emily is falling in love with Sonny and tells Jason of her suspicions, and tries to disguise her jealousy by saying she is concerned for Emily. Carly confront Sonny with ehr suspicions as well and Sonny ensure Jason he does not have feelings for Emily or vice-versa. Emily moves out of GreyStone when she and Sonny decide it is time because Carly will be released soon. Carly still plans to return home in time for Christmas but after another scheme to get out of Roselawn, by saying she needed to attend Diego's trial, Carly takes a surprise detour to Sonny's to see the boys. Dr.Kim and Lainey inform Carly she will not be released in time for Christmas.