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Robin Scorpio


Yes, we all love her!!! Kimberely McCullugh... as Dr. Robin Scorpio. In October we all got a great treat, Robin returned to our screens.

Robin Scorpio #1
October 12th - December 26th 2005
This tape begins with Robin in Paris. There are two tapes that will have Robin scenes, this tape and also Jason and Sam edits as well. So far the same exact scenes are on both tapes. This tape has some really great scenes as Robin flashes back to Stone and Jason.
Mac calls Robin and wishes her a happy 28th birthday. At work, Robin disagrees with a fellow doctor's decision to operate on a brain damaged patient and asks him to give her medication a chance to work. The doctor refuses and surgery results in the patient dieing. Tony Jones contacts Robin about Jason's deteriorating health condition. Jason fights Sam, as she wants him to give Robin's treatment a try. Jason doesn't remember his relationship with Robin, but remembers her hurting him by telling AJ he was Michael's father. Jason describes it as like being punched in the gut and refuses to ask her for help. Jason gets worse and worse as he tries to take care of Manny Ruiz and deal with his seizures. Sam goes to New York City to ask Robin to come to Port Charles to treat Jason. At Sonny's Jason has another seizure and Michael finds him and calls 911. Sam tells Michael to tell Tony not to operate on Jason because she and Robin are on a train headed to Port Charles. Carly manages to leave Rose Lawn and escape from Manny and sneak onto the train, but Manny boards as well. Robin and Sam swap stories about Jason and Sam sees Manny and tries to warn the conductor but he won't listen. Manny shoots the conductor and runs the Port Charles bound train into an oncoming train headed for Manhattan. Jax, Courtney, Nikolas, Emily, Liz, Lucky, Alexis, Ric, Reese and Sonny are all on the Manhattan bound train. The two trains collide and the passengers are trapped down deep in the tunnel. Robin is pinned underneath a seat and Sam tries to get her out but can't. At the hospital Jason is called and told about the train wreck and rushes to the site to save Sam and Robin. As Jason is climbing down a ventilation shaft with Luke's help, the tunnels collapse again, trapping Jason inside. Manny hunts for Carly who is able to hide from him for the moment. Robin tells Jason and Sam to forget about her and just get her briefcase with the meds and research for Jason's condition are in but Jason manages to free Robin. When he goes back in for the briefcase there is an explosion and Jason is knocked unconscious. Sam and Robin are not hurt in the explosion but Sam is worried about Jason until he comes to. Carly attacks Manny with a pipe and warns she will kill him before she lets him hurt the people she loves. Manny mocks her and says he is going to have each of Sonny's women before he kills them, then Sonny then Jason. Carly manages to knock Manny out with a rock and flees. Manny goes after Carly and they exchange gunfire in the tunnel and Manny is hit. Jason realizes that Carly is in the tunnel and wants to start looking for her. Sam and Jason free Robin and they start looking for the others. Jason Sam and Robin meet up with Reese, Sonny, Ric and Alexis (who is in labor and needs a C-0section) and Emily. Sam and Jason look for a way out while Robin stays behind to help Alexis. Jason falls into a sink whole and Sam is unable to get him out. While Sam goes to look for some help, Carly comes along and pulls Jason out of a pool of water. Jason sees her then passes out again. Sonny and Sam go to rescue Jason. Sonny, Sam and Robin are held by gunpoint and taunted by Manny. Manny shoots Robin in the arm and is about to shoot Sonny when Jason stabs him in the back. Sam is able to give Jason the first shot of Robin's treatment and everyone is rescued but Reese dies. Jason stays in the tunnel to dis-arm bombs Manny has set and Sonny forces Sam to go with him. Someone hits the detnator and the bombs goes off and everyone fears Jason is dead. Rescue workers seal up the mountain because it is too dangerous to keep searching and Sam is devasted. Carly manages to make it back to Jaosn and they work together to get out. Jason takes Carly back to Roselawn and goes to the crash site to let Sam know he is alive. Jason finally agrees to go to the hospital for Robin's treatment. Jason has flashbacks in forms of drreams and Sam is worried that it is too stressful for Jason. Jason flatlines and Robin takes him of the medication but Jason asks to be put back on. A semi-conscious Jason pulls Robin into a kiss just as Sam and Sonny walk in and Sam orders her out of the room. Jason wakes up with his memory of the last ten years in tact and everyone believes the medicine works, until he has another seizure. Jason refuses surgery. Jason and Sam return to Hawaii because that is the last place they were happy. Sam asks Jason to make a baby with her before he dies and they make love. Tony refuses to do Jason's surgery but tells her opf a doctor who could pull it off, Dr. Noah Drake, (Rick Springfield). Sonny goes to Hawaii to try and talk Jaosn into having surgery and promises that he will not let him be a vegatable if the surgery doesn't work, meaning he'll kill him if that's what Jason wants. Jason asks Sonny to go home. Jason agrees to have the surgery and returns to Port Charles. Sam catches Noah Drake spiking his coffee and will not allow him to operate on Jason. Noah says there is one other person that can do the surgery. Robin goes to find the surgeon Noah mentioned and finds him in an operating room making love to a nurse. Robin tells Patrick Drake she needs him to operate on her patient and they head to Jason's room so Patrick can examine him. Patrick learns it is his father, Noah, that suggested he could do the surgery and blames him for trashing both their careers. Patrick refuses to operate on Jason, saying he is done cleaning up his father's messes. Robin, Sam and Carly dare patrick to prove he is not like his father and do the surgery and Patrick agrees. While Patrick, Robin and Noah are performing the surgery on Jason, the power goes out in the hospital due to Manny whacking the generator with an ax. Manny breaks into the OR and takes Carly hostage. Sonny manages to get Manny out of the OR and shoots him as the poilce arrive. Patrick warns that althought the surgery was a success, there is no way to know what condition Jason will wake up in, if he wakes up at all. Jason wakes up and the sugery was a success in fixing the problem and has no side eefects. Patrick examines Jason and says that he will have to stay in the hospital with minimum activity. Robin urges Patrick to have a little more bedside manner and compassion towards patience, while Parick says it is his job to operate, not become their friends. Patrick continues to harrass Robin on her feelings for Jason and she informs him he has no clue about her or what her life is like. Manny tries to escape from custody but has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital where Patrick explains that he has a tumor on his brain right where anger and agression is controlled. Patrick performs yet another successful surgery and manny seems like a changed man. Robin goes to Jason and asks him to talk with Manny to find out if he is faking about being changed. Jason visits with Manny. At the Christmas party a drunk Noah shows up as Santa and Patrick wants to know whose idea that was. Patrick pulls Noah away fromt he children and tells him to get a cab and go home. Patirck and Noah have a heart to heart and Patrick confesses he used to look up to his father. patrick takes Noah home. Robin confesses to Jason that although most of the time Patrick annoys her, she likes it that he considers her a challenge but once he finds out she is HIV positive, he will no longer be interested. Patrick walks in on Robin in the locker room in her bra and apologizes. Robin says he can leave now and Patrick asks why she is trying so hard to not like him. Robin rejects Patrick's flirtations and later they end up at Metro Court for dinner and Patrick says there is no reason they can't have dinner together.