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Jason & Sam #6
September 2nd - November 2nd 2005
Sam and Jason learn that Jason's condition is terminal. Dr. Tony Jones tells Sam and Jason's family that he has two options medication or surgery. Jason doesn't want to choose either but Sam gets him to agree to take the medicine. Jason doesn't want to work for Sonny anymore and goes to look for a job. Jason is hired to operate a crane on the docks, unaware that it is Alcazar that owns the company. When a meeting in the park between Ric and Manny Ruiz goes bad, Jason's instincts kick in and he takes Manny and his men out. After the ambush in the park Sonny expects that Jason is ready to go back to work for him but Jason informs him he is planning not ever returning to his old job. Manny's brother Javier Ruiz comes to town wanting to avenge his brother's shooting and goes after Jason. Jason's condition starts to get worse and Sonny warns that if he doesn't leave town, he and Sam could be in danger. Jason tells Sam he has to leave and Sam is prepared to let him go but then Jason has a memory about when her baby died. Sam takes Jason to the hospital and tells about losing the baby. Jason says that although he doesn't remember her, he knows that he would do anything for her. Thinking an innocent bystander is being caught in the cross fire, Jason prevents Javier from being shot by Max. Sonny isn't happen that Jason interfered and warns that if he gets in the way again he will be taken out. Javier goes to Jason and asks him to work for him and Jason refuses. When it becomes clear they will not be safe, Jason and Sam move to Hawaii and Sam reunites with Danny. Jason buys Sam her dream job, a bar. Someone recognizes Jason and starts a fight with him in the bar but Jason refuses to fight back. Jason and Sam's bar is thrashed and they considered going home. Jason can't help but feel that he let Sonny down. Manny wakes up from his coma and goes after Jason and Sam in Hawaii. Manny taunts Jason as he is tied in a chair by hitting on Sam. Manny shoots Jason in the leg and  when Jason breaks free and is just about to shoot Manny, the police come in and arrest him. Jason returns to Port Charles to protect Sonny, leaving Sam behind for the moment. Sam is notified by the police that Manny has broken out of custody. Sam returns to Port Charles and notices Jason's condition is getting worse. Jason can no longer just rely on the medicine he is currently taking, he either needs a new medication or surgery.  Jason refuses to even consider surgery and Tony informs Sam that Jason's ex-girlfriend, Robin, may have a cure for Jason but it is experimental. Tony contacts Robin in Paris and asks her to help Jason. Manny breaks into Jason's penthouse and watches Sam in the shower. Sam shoots Manny and he takes Elizabeth Webber hostage to care for his infected injury. Sam goes to New York City to meet Robin.