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Specials and Anniversaries

Below Is a list of the Anniversaries or Special Tributes that I have, plus I have the 2005 Daytime Emmy Awards.
*as with the other pages, make sure you scroll down the whole page to look for want you are wanting.*

General Hospital 35th Anniversary:
April 2, 1998
 Past and present cast members talk about the show from the time it started until the present. Some of the storylines featured are Luke and Laura,The Cassidines,  BJ's Death-Maxie's heart transplant, Ned & Lois, Sonny & Brenda, Stone & Robin, Carly/Jason/Bobbie/Tony, etc. A great addition to your General Hospital Collection!

General Hospital's 10,000th Anniversary
April 17, 2002
Audrey celebrates her "10,000" day at general Hospital and everyone remembers GH over the years. She is given a beautiful heart pendant and remembers back to her first day at GH with Steve. Lots of video clips with Music montages. 1 hour

Lila's Quartermaine's Memorial
July 14-16th 2004, 2 hours
Lila passes away in her sleep and the folks of Port Charles remember Anna Leigh with this beautiful tribute to all her years on General Hospital. Past characters return to attend Lila's memorial. very Special Collection. You'll need tissues :) !!!!

2005 Daytime Emmy Awards
General Hospital wins Outstanding Daytime Drama!!!!!

"Fabulous Weddings of 2005"
Wedding #1
Nikolas Cassidine & Emily Quartermaine
December 2nd, 2004
 26 minutes
     Emily and Nikolas convince Mac Scorpio to let them get married before Nikolas is shipped off to prison. Liz is Emily's Maid of Honor and Lucky is Nikolas's best man.   (I know this was originally an 2004 wedding but I put it on the 2005 Edit because their storyline was pretty much in 2005.)    
Wedding #2
Jasper Jax & Courtney Matthews
June 3rd, 2005
52 minutes
     Jason goes to see Courtney before her wedding. Courtney starts to panic when her future mother-in-law tells her Jax will not be marrying her because she told Jax she saw Jason and Courtney hugging. Jason convinces Jax to go through with the wedding. Carly tries to stop the wedding but Courtney tells her it's time to move on and Jax and Courtney go through with the wedding.    
Wedding #3
Lucky Spencer & Elizabeth Webber
October 28th 2005
32 minutes
     Emily and Nikolas surprise Lucky and Elizabeth  with the fantasy wedding of their dreams at Wyndemere.
 **All 3 weddings are one **
 single edit together.

SoapNet Interviews and Specials
01/18/2006 -
     Laura Wright talks about walking into the role of Carly Corinthos-Alcazar. She talks about the move from the East to the West Coast, working with co-stars such as Tony Geary and Maurice Benard and Ted King. 17 minutes