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I have 7 Jason and Sam Edits that can either be on VHS tapes or DVDs. Either way the edits are all 6 hours each. With the DVDs... the edits are in 4 hour disks so you will receive 2 DVDs for one 6 hour edit. 4 hours on one, 2 hours on the other. If you order more than one DVD, I will combine them. (Example; If you order #1 & #2... the 2nd DVD of #1 Edit will have the beginning 2 hours of #2 edit and so on. In other words, I will combine the edits into 4 hour DVDs each.  )

Jason & Sam #2

Jason & Sam #3

Jason & Sam #4

Jason & Sam #5

Jason & Sam #6

JaSam #7 is now
Updated and Completed!!!
           (Click the link below for a description.)